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Medford Office

David L. Glauser, CFP®

Vice President



Meeting David Glauser for the first time is one of those rare experiences. Big city savviness, combined with a more relaxed Medford approach. David earned his MBA from Brigham Young University and is a Certified Financial Planner. After many years of working for large Wall Street wire houses, David joined Cascadia Wealth Management, an independently managed financial planning firm, in 2010 and is now managing our Southern Oregon operations.
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David believes if we have learned anything in the last few years, it is that portfolio management must be active and tactical, not static.

Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to "buy low and sell high"?  The simple answer is we are not born investors.  We are born survivors.  We have to learn how to invest… and that is one of the primary values David brings to the relationship as your financial advisor.  The truth is, too often when managing your retirement portfolio, emotions get in the way.  A gut check is perfectly fine, but only after the proper analysis has been done.

This philosophy guides David’s personal handling of each client’s financial future. When you are a client of the Southern Oregon office of Cascadia Wealth Management, you receive frequent and personal attention.  Here, regular reviews of your professionally prepared financial plan is the norm, not the exception.



David’s practice also has a unique niche of providing retirement advice to specialty doctors like Radiologists, Cardiologists, Neurologists and Surgeons.  Over the years he has found similarities in what is important to this specialized segment of investors, and has built his practice to serve you efficiently and effectively.


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