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Investment Philosophy

At Cascadia Wealth Management, each of our clients has an individual investment strategy developed and guided by their goals, needs and financial plan. We develop a client’s investment strategy by first listening and learning through Our Process. We take the time to understand the risk tolerance and risk capacity of each client in order to develop appropriate solutions.

Tactical, Active Investment Management
Our methodology is to NOT take a “set it and forget it” approach toward investing. We don’t believe in leaving your portfolio to be managed by chance, in hope that the market will behave in a certain way. 

We manage our clients’ assets by taking a risk based approach. This requires active management where we make tactical deviations in investments based on market conditions, high or low performing asset classes, and other opportunities or risks. Our goal is to protect our clients and help them reach their goals, not take unnecessary risks in order to beat industry benchmarks.

Basic diversification strategies have not proven to protect clients in market downturns. We want our clients both institutional and individual investors to participate in the gains of the market while helping to protect from the downside. This requires tactical investment management, not a buy and hold philosophy. To do this we use a compilation of research, software and tools for asset allocation, analysis, and investment management. We are active managers of your money.

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