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Kip Mechals

Kip Mechals

Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative

As an art major at Western Oregon State College, Kip decided to supplement his studies with business classes that would help him run his photography business. He quickly recognized he had a natural aptitude for finance and changed his major.

In 1988, Kip graduated with a degree in Business (emphasis in finance) and a minor in economics; and he’s been in the financial industry continuously since 1989, when he became securities registered. In 1999 Kip co-founded Cascadia Wealth Management where he’s been advising clients in Oregon and throughout the nation.

Kip specializes in retirement planning and wealth preservation strategies. Together with his financial planning partner, Eric Adler, they advocate a conservative investment approach and employ tactical investment management to pursue their clients’ goals. This proactive management provides their clients with a strategic defense to help preserve assets in a declining market and an offense to take advantage of a rising market. The planning process encompasses in-depth needs analysis and customized risk assessment for individuals and business owners.

Kip offers Investment advisory services through Cascadia Advisory Services, LLC (CAS) an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.  CAS is under separate ownership from any other named entity.

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